We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our VC60 Solar Direct Drive (SDD) combined vaccine refrigerator and water pack freezer. The World Health Organisation (WHO) accredited VC60 SDD is part of the Dulas Solar Direct Drive product range that features Freeze-Free® technology, ensuring that vaccines stored in the refrigerator are never exposed to harmful freezing temperatures.

The new model features advanced technology that includes a water pack freezer and an integrated Solar Socket to support vaccine outreach work in remote areas. The innovative Hot Zone rated design of the VC60 SDD provides an extended operating temperature range of +5°C to +43°C that enables it to function in peak temperatures.

The VC60 SDD features a larger storage capacity and advanced autonomy and holdover rates (i.e., the length of time that it can maintain temperature with little or no solar radiation) of 3-4 days. The technology is designed to work around the clock, using sophisticated computer modelling that carefully matches the energy given by solar panels to the needs of the refrigerators.

In addition to the VC60SDD, Dulas’ product range includes refrigerators to meet our clients’ various capacity needs, including the following new models that have been released over the past 12 months:

  • The VC30SDD with 25.5 litre vaccine storage capacity – a compact and cost-effective solar direct drive vaccine refrigerator that also features advanced FreezeFree® technology to maintain optimum temperatures for vaccine storage.
  • The VC225ILR with 132 litre vaccine storage capacity – Dulas’ largest Hot Zone rated vaccine refrigerator is mains-powered for use on intermittent mains supply. The temperature remains stable for up to 90 hours following a power cut.