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Integrated Solar Harvesting with the Solar Socket

Dulas’s award winning Solar Socket turns your SDD refrigerator into an energy source for a wide range of devices and equipment. Utilising surplus energy generated by the refrigerator, the Solar Socket makes the most of the photovoltaic system whilst remaining 100% safe and stable for vaccines.

Our intelligent control system continuously varies the amount of energy available to the socket whilst prioritising vaccine storage at all times. The Solar Socket has two USB ports and one 12v cigarette lighter socket for multipurpose use.

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Features & Benefits

  • Charge phones and electrical devices from your Dulas Solar Direct Drive (SDD) refrigerator, with absolutely no impact on the vaccine storage performance of the refrigerator.
  • The Dulas Solar Socket allows to you to make the most of your vaccine refrigerator’s photovoltaic array by accessing energy not needed by the refrigerator. Our intelligent control system continuously varies the amount of energy available to the socket, at all times prioritising vaccine storage, but still giving up to 100W of useful power.
  • The Dulas Solar Socket is the first step towards solarising remote health centres, providing the power to charge phones and other electrical devices. Using a Solar Socket harvests a similar amount of energy as installing a 200Wp solar power system.
  • Built into the refrigerator and completely automatic in operation, the control system automatically senses when excess energy is available and turns the Solar Socket on. Should the solar output drop, the Solar Socket is turned off to keep the refrigerator running.
  • Provides around 700Wh per day: enough to charge laptops, phones, solar lights, radios etc.*
  • Prioritises the refrigerator at all times and has no impact on the performance of the PQS accredited product
  • Robustness designed in: Over temperature, overcurrent and reverse polarity protected
  • Promotes user engagement in the refrigerator care and maintenance

* Depending on exact system, climate conditions, refrigerator usage, amongst other factors

Technical Specifications

Solar Socket
Outputs 1 x USB 5v/1A
1 x USB 5v/2.1A
1 x 12V Socket (standard automotive “cigarette” type)
100W max output @ 12Vdc
Protection Reverse polarity protection
Input overcurrent protection
Over temperature protection
Energy Availability As standard energy is only available during daylight hours – optional energy store available.

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