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WindCube Vertical Profiler

The world’s leading vertical profiler, The Vaisala WindCube

The WindCube by Vaisala is a global benchmark for vertical wind profiling. Capable of measuring at 20 heights simultaneously, and accurate across a range of heights up to 300m, the WindCube is recognised around the globe for reliable and consistent laser wind measurement.

From energy yield assessment to power performance testing and optimisation, the WindCube is accepted onshore and offshore by all international standards and guidelines, including IEC, IEA, Measnet, TR6, and Stage 3 DNV-GL.

Thousands of Vaisala LiDARs have been deployed throughout the world and the instruments are renowned for consistently delivering reliable, accurate data that results in a maximised return on investment.

Dulas is proud to be the exclusive sales and support partner for Vaisala WindCube in the UK and Ireland.


Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Embedded FCR correction for direct measurement in complex Terrain
  • IEC compliance for contractual performance testing (IEC 61400- 12-1 ed2)
  • 3-year warranty and maintenance with optional onsite maintenance
  • Includes WindCube Insights cloud- based data management system

The industry-standard vertical profiling lidar for wind energy applications. Its highly accurate, rigorously validated data aids in wind farm development and operations, both offshore and onshore.

WindCube provides accurate wind measurement up to 300 meters over 20 simultaneously measured heights. The result is better, bankable data and a more complete view of the wind profile — both of which help you secure funding, reduce uncertainties and the cost of equity, and minimize risk.

WindCube data has been validated by hundreds of independent studies and is accepted by all international standards and guidelines. On complex terrain, it uses FCR — also validated by formal studies.

WindCube is IEC-compliant for contractual performance testing, and it is well-suited for continuous wind monitoring, power performance verification, grid-loss compensation, and more.

WindCube units are simple and fast to deploy, with few, if any, permitting or regulatory challenges. The system can stand alone or be co-located with a met mast.

Technical Specifications

Wind data provided Wind speed, wind direction, turbulence intensity, vertical wind speed, data availability
Range 40m to 200m
Speed accuracy 0.1 m/s
Speed range 0 to 60+ m/s
Speed uncertainty 2-3%
Direction accuracy
Beam geometry 4 inclined beams at 28° + 1 vertical beam
Data storage 120GB industrial disk (10 years of data); WindCube Insights secure cloud-based server
Communication LAN, USB, 3G / 4G modem, Modbus RTU, Wi-Fi
Temperature range -30°C to 45°C / -22°F to 113°F
Compliance CE, FCC, ICES
Data sampling rate 1Hz; 1s/1, 2, 5, 10min averaged (user-defined)
Housing classification IP 67 (inner racks)
Average Power consumption 45W (power consumption may vary depending on climate conditions)
Weight 46kg (approx. 85kg when packed when accessories in secure transportation case)
Dimensions L55 cm, W56cm, H55 cm

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