Solar powered vaccine refrigerators and freezers

Mains powered vaccine refrigerator

Vaccine cold chain equipment you can rely on

Drawing on nearly four decades of experience in the solar refrigeration industry, our CCEOP compliant range of solar direct drive refrigerators and freezers are considered amongst the most reliable vaccine and blood storage solutions available. They offer excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) and best in class water-pack freezing performance.

Our British-made products power essential services in healthcare, water supply, education, agriculture and industry throughout the world. With superior technological advances that remove the risk of freezing from the cold chain, Dulas equipment is ideal for safely storing vaccines and blood.

We are proud to say that all of our solar vaccine refrigerator systems have WHO PQS accreditation and we are confident that you can rely on our products to work 365 days a year in the field and on the road.

Solar Vaccine Refrigerators
cold chain vaccine

30-60 litres

Compact and cost-effective, WHO pre-qualified 52.5 litre solar direct drive vaccine refrigerator.

VC88SDD Solar Powered Fridge

60-90 litres

Hot Zone Rated and WHO pre-qualified 88 litre solar direct drive refrigerator. Ideal for storing smaller volumes of vaccine.

VC110SDD Beyond Ready Refrigerator with lid closed

90-120 litres

110 litres solar direct drive vaccine refrigerator, guaranteed freeze free for reduced wastage and maximised vaccine coverage.

VC200SDD Vaccine Refrigerator

>120 litres

Our largest Hot Zone Rated & WHO pre-qualified solar direct drive vaccine refrigerator. With 132 litres net vaccine capacity, it is perfect for regional health clinics.

Solar Vaccine Refrigerators with Ice Pack Freezers
VC60SDD Beyond Ready Refrigerator with lid closed

30-60 litres

Hot Zone rated solar direct drive combined vaccine refrigerator and water-pack freezer. 57 litres and 23 x 0.6 litre water-pack storage capacity.

vaccine cold chain

90-120 litres

Our larger Hot Zone rated and WHO pre-qualified solar direct drive combined vaccine refrigerator and water-pack freezer with 102 litres net vaccine capacity.

Maintaining stable temperatures, wherever you are in the world

Over the past four decades, Dulas has provided reliable refrigeration and freezer power to pharmaceutical, medical and vaccination facilities all over the world. Our name is synonymous with reliability and unrivalled experience, and our cold-chain equipment is world-renowned for accuracy, consistency and longevity.

Our mains-powered vaccine cold chain equipment is designed to maintain steady temperatures within a set temperature range, saving you from unnecessary and expensive wastage. Ideal for bloods and vaccinations, we offer a wide selection of sizes to suit every budget and need.

Offering an excellent total cost of ownership (TCO), our collection of cold storage appliances provides peace of mind, 24-7 and all year round.

Mains Vaccine Refrigerator
VC225ILR Beyond Ready Refrigerator

>120 litres

At 184.5 litres vaccine capacity, the VC225ILR is ideal for larger health facilities and is supplied with a built-in power regulator and voltage stabiliser.