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Wind Products

Maximising your returns, with world-leading wind measurement products

Dulas understand the value of precision measurement and reliability in the field.
We’ve been measuring wind since 1988 when our first long-term anemometer mast was installed at the Cemmaes wind farm, Wales. Today, the specialist wind-monitoring products that we use are trusted the world over by wind developers, private companies and investors alike.
Your goal is to get an accurate and complete dataset that meets your project needs. Ours is to provide you with the equipment that gets the job done.
Providing reliability, consistency and longevity, the performance of our equipment is backed up with responsive and informed customer support, whenever you need it.

Anemometer masts

We put safety, reliability and precision at the heart of our anemometer masts
Designed & engineered in the UK, our tubular met-masts are proven to survive the most arduous of on-site conditions up to a height of 90m. Capable of holding twice the radial ice of the closest competing mast, they are hot-dip galvanised to give a lifespan of 20+ years.
Guyed or freestanding lattice tower solutions are available for heights up to 120m.
Dulas also offer customised data loggers and power solutions that seamlessly match with the highest quality instrumentation available.
Tubular met masts
Lattice tower met masts

WindCube LiDAR

Capable of measuring at 20 heights simultaneously, the WindCube is accurate across a range of heights up to 300m.
WindCube LiDAR
LiDAR explained

Instrumentation & Data Loggers

At the heart of any wind measurement system are the instruments that collect the data. Dulas work with internationally renowned anemometer suppliers whose exacting standards of precision and reliability are exactly what is needed for harsh UK wind conditions. Backed up by our reliable and self-powered data logging systems, we offer an advanced package that complies with all recognised industry standards, including IEC 61400-12-1 (2017) and MEASNET.
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Remote Power Solutions

Dulas have worked in the field of autonomous data gathering since our first mast deployment in 1988. We build bespoke power systems to power the measurement systems used for data collection campaigns, both met-masts and LiDAR, maintaining a secure source of power to the instruments, data logging and communication systems.
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