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Client- Skanska

Project Overview

Salesforce Tower stands 230m tall, making it the tallest building in the City of London. Located in Bishopsgate, London it houses innovative offices, a restaurant, sky bar and facilities. The architect’s aim was “to break out of the box of the commercial high rise development and to challenge basic assumptions.”* The building is a state of the art, cutting edge development with real attention to quality and detail. The brief to Dulas included installation, specification, commissioning and trouble-shooting of the DC cabling, inverters and PV laminates.

*Lee Plisano, Architect.


The system comprises of 657 custom-made building-integrated Optisol glass/glass laminate PV modules with 51 SMA inverters and two SMA web-box dataloggers to allow remote monitoring of the installation. The electrical system is carried in an electrical riser, where villages of inverters are marshalled into five G59 units and distributed to the main Landlord supply. The project has involved complex electrical trouble shooting and careful monitoring to ensure maximum output.

Technical Overview

System Size

148.3 kW

Annual Rated Output

92.5 MWhrs

Annual FiT Income

Annual CO2 Saving 51,800 kg
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