The Solar Socket is an energy harvesting unit, that utilises the excess power generated by our SDD refrigerators’ solar array to enable health workers to charge other devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, lamps and other electrical devices.

As a result, it allows solar-powered refrigerators to not only address challenges involved in cold chain storage, but to also supplement lighting and other health centre facilities, allowing health workers to get the most from their refrigerators and work through the night, if required.

 Typically, Dulas’ refrigerators need less than a third of the available PV energy, leaving the excess free for other uses. The Solar Socket harvests this excess power and makes it available via the Solar Socket power outlet and USB charging ports to safely charge other health clinic equipment.

Dulas has partnered with Médecins Sans Frontières to equip community health centres in Mali and undertake a long-term study using a VC150 SDD vaccine refrigerator, a Solar Socket and extensive data logging, to examine both the device’s performance and the social impact and benefits of providing health workers with this new source of electricity. The insights gained from this study will inform future training and supporting collateral for our refrigerators and the Solar Socket itself.