It is a feature of the renewable energy industry that, in the drive for improvement, the accepted methods of working are constantly evolving and the concept of what constitutes ‘best practice’ is rarely static.

Dulas are no strangers to evolution, particularly when it comes to wind measurement! We remember when 10m anemometer masts were the norm, but they have evolved into masts which are more than ten times taller, and most recently we have seen the adoption of LiDAR into the industry.

Continuing this tradition, we recently undertook some due diligence on our methods and completed a review of our approach to wind measurement to check that it still conforms to best practice. To ensure that we received an independent ‘scorecard’, we engaged the services of one of the world’s leading certification bodies and one of the biggest names in wind, Det Norske Veritas (DNV). DNV delivers world-renowned testing, certification and technological advisory services in the renewable energy arena – they design new standards, rather just following them. We’re delighted to report that we passed their review with flying colours.

Meticulous attention to detail

We’ve always made it a priority to stay abreast of recommended changes in best practice guidance in wind measurement – our tubular masts have undergone several design evolutions over the years in order to ensure that every deployment meets that guidance. Installing wind measurement equipment requires attention to every detail, as data must be captured consistently and reliably over a period of time – the type of instruments that are deployed, their orientation in relation to the tower, position, height and arrangement of other key equipment.

Delivering maximum value

“We are delighted with this endorsement of our working practices – we wanted to put ourselves through a rigorous review and knew that, as DNV are at the cutting edge of wind measurement standards, they would do just this. This gives our clients continued confidence that we are extremely diligent about our wind measurement campaigns and we’re happy in the knowledge that we are delivering maximum value to all our stakeholders.”

Rachel Munday, Head of Wind Monitoring at Dulas, commented on the successful review: