Dulas’ forty-year history has seen the company pioneer innovative uses of solar, hydro and wind renewable energy in the UK and across the globe. Our projects have taken us from Austria to Zambia in a bid to provide real solutions to the humanitarian sector, the public and commercial sector and to everything in‐between. The name ‘Dulas’ is an industry byword for ‘trust’, ‘quality’ and ‘expertise’.
Founded in 1982 within the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), Dulas has been at the forefront of the renewables industry for nearly four decades, creating innovations that are still leading the field today.
Over the years, we have applied our expertise to developing the world’s first mass produced solar powered vaccine refrigerators, operating lamps, and blood banks, providing enhanced medical care to the developing world through use of renewable energy.
In 1988, while continuing to expand our range of wind, hydro and solar energy systems and solutions, we became an independent, employee‐owned company.
Dulas is a story of trail‐blazing pioneers, developing real‐world renewable energy solutions that make an impact and create a better world for us all.