Our people

Originally established by six engineers from the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, Dulas has grown consistently over the years as demand for renewable energy technologies has increased.
As an employee-owned business and co-operative, the company has opted for organic, planned growth rather than a rapid, step-change expansion. Dulas now has over 50 employees in three locations: Machynlleth in Wales, and Stirling and Inverness in Scotland. Our solar refrigerator manufacturing facility, Polestar Cooling, is located in West Sussex. Our staff come from a wide range of backgrounds and cover a broad range of disciplines.
From specialist technicians and engineers to microgeneration installers and renewable energy service developers, Dulas has the expertise that you need to take your project to fruition.
Ruth Chapman
Ruth ChapmanExecutive Managing Director
Ruth has led the company through significant change, successfully refocusing Dulas’s renewables services and expanding the international vaccine refrigeration operations. Ruth has worked in a variety of roles at Dulas, and has several years of experience across sales and consultancy at all levels. Ruth became Dulas’s Interim Managing Director in 2018, and has been the Executive Managing Director since July 2021.
Catherine McLennan
Catherine McLennanHead of International Sales
Catherine has worked for Dulas in the Solar International team since 2009 and in that time has built up a network of trusted in-country partners across the globe. Managing a successful sales and marketing programme for the cold chain business within Dulas, she is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with key clients including international UN organisations and NGOs. Catherine is an excellent communicator and very passionate about her role, which includes extensive travel worldwide as an ambassador for Dulas.
Andy-Skipton Carter
Andy-Skipton CarterCommercial Lead, Consulting
Andy joined Dulas in October 2021 as Commercial Lead for the Consulting Team. Prior to joining Dulas he was Head of Heavy Duty Propulsion Systems for the Global Consultancy Ricardo. At Dulas, Andy has been engaged in a wide range of renewable energy projects, from off-grid feasibility studies through to large renewable energy planning projects. Andy is a member of the team that manages all Dulas’ Research and Development and is leading Dulas’ activity on green hydrogen.
Rachel Munday
Rachel MundayHead of Wind Monitoring
As a long-serving Director of Dulas, Rachel has a depth of practical knowledge that enables her to oversee the most complex and ground-breaking projects. A Prince II qualified strategic problem solver, Rachel leads Dulas’s Wind Monitoring team and has a rigorous approach to Health and Safety, while remaining agile to industry or project changes.
Dylan Roberts
Dylan RobertsHead of Operations & Maintenance
As Head of Operation and Maintenance, Dylan takes an uncompromising approach to ensuring that all of our hydro clients’ schemes are perfectly maintained and optimised. Dylan also has over a decade of experience developing and installing Dulas’s exclusive Aquashear coanda screens.