Following a UVDB-verified audit from Achilles, the global supply chain risk management expert, Dulas is thrilled to announce that we have received 100% across all assessed areas, including health and safety, environment, quality, and corporate social responsibility.

What is an Achilles Audit?

The Achilles Audit encompasses a comprehensive examination of a supplier’s documented policies and processes. Auditors conduct additional checks to verify adherence to these policies and processes using a scoring model.

The audit program functions as a mechanism for pre-qualifying suppliers in the Achilles UVDB (Utilities Vendor Database). Undergoing the audit demonstrates Dulas’s adherence to relevant standards for the services, works, and goods we provide. As an Achilles UVDB supplier, those buying products or services from Dulas are assured that we have met the necessary pre-qualification levels, streamlining the procurement process, and ensuring a high standard of competence and reliability.

By scoring 100% in this audit, Dulas has shown its commitment to industry standards and excellence across various operational facets. Allen Taylor, Dulas’s HSQE Manager says:

“This is an impressive achievement for a company of our size, and a testament to our values here at Dulas. Robust management systems and employee buy-in have been key to achieving this level of excellence across H&S, Environment, Quality and Social responsibility. We will continue to build on this result and know that it reflects the high standards that our clients expect from our products and services. Congratulations to the whole team.”