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Vaccine Cold Chain

Having pioneered off-grid vaccine storage in the 80’s we now offer the most advanced range of solar powered refrigerators on the market, including PQS accredited refrigeration for vaccine storage in the cold chain.

Blood Banking

Dulas pioneered and produces a range of CFC free solar powered refrigerators suitable for blood storage. Keep your blood safe and secure with industry-leading solar blood banking storage from Dulas.

Temperature Monitoring

Vaccines need to be stored at specific temperatures to remain effective in preventing and managing disease. Temperature fluctuations can reduce or even destroy the effectiveness of vaccines so monitoring and controlling temperatures in vaccine refrigerators is vital.


Dulas has worked on a number of CCEOP projects and our experience means that you can depend on us to deliver reliable cold chain equipment that will meet your immunization targets and boost maternal and child health care.

Why Dulas?


Since the outset of our mission to apply solar energy to pressing humanitarian needs, Dulas has pioneered and developed cutting-edge technology, and we continue
to do so today.


Our involvement in developing much of the solar healthcare equipment that is used widely today gives us a deep understanding of what’s required to provide effective healthcare storage.


What sets us apart is our ‘coal-face’ experience of implementing solar schemes and healthcare storage systems in all parts of the globe, including exceptionally remote and troubled areas.