Remote Power Solutions

We are experts in the design and installation of bespoke remote power systems for long-term operations through long and dark North Atlantic winters. We can supply batteries which are charged with PV or integrate PV with a methanol fuel cell solution.

We customise the sizing of the product depending on the job, and provide stable, clean, and quiet back-up power through the use of EFOY brand Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technologies (DMFC), manufactured by SFC.

All of our Remote Power Solutions are rigorously tested prior to deployment, and we fully stand by them in the field.

Features & Benefits

  • PV /Battery system
  • PV/EFOY Battery System
  • Metal or timber frame for PV modules – multi panel mounting either landscape or portrait to reduce footprint.

  • Ground fixing options to be secure for rocky ground or soft ground sites
  • Fuel cell remote monitoring options (battery voltage, fuel usage and EFOY status). Minimum 4G with 2G fallback communication system
  • Robust, weatherproof, lockable enclosure for power system
  • Onsite storage for additional M28 methanol cartridges (fireproof, weatherproof, secure) can be provided

Technical Specifications

  • Battery system 220Ah (lead acid battery) or greater capacity
  • EFOY Pro 2800 Duo fuel cell with minimum 2 x M28 fuel cartridge capability
  • Solar Charge Controller and DC-DC Convertor suitable for WindCube input voltage

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