Vaisala Triton Wind Profiler

The Triton Wind Profiler is a durable, robust, and independent sonic detection and ranging (SoDAR) device used for wind monitoring. Triton captures extensive data on anomalous wind events such as speed and direction shear and turbulence that directly affect wind turbines’ power output – and that could affect a wind farm’s performance. It’s also a suitable complement to noise monitoring campaigns.

The Triton requires only 7 W of power for continuous operation. Technology innovations like low-power amplifier chips and the Blackfin ARM enable Triton to be powered by two solar panels and to run continuously without being attended. During winter operations, a fuel cell may be required.

Triton captures wind data at heights up to 200 meters, reducing uncertainty inherent in the use of extrapolated data from meteorological towers.

Dulas is proud to supply sales and support for Vaisala Tritons in the UK and Ireland.

Features & Benefits

  • No permitting required
  • Data access and monitoring via secure web portal
  • Ease of deployment – installed and collecting data within 2 hours
  • Low-cost, flexible deployment, commissioning, and operation
  • Lower investment costs than LiDARs
  • Ultra-low power requirements
  • Standalone, turnkey system with on-board solar panels, optional configurations for extended power, data communications options, and secure data storage
  • Reliable, accurate wind data at and above turbine hub height
  • Used in project financing to reduce uncertainty in energy projections
  • Eliminates extrapolation errors, validates shear, and reduces topographical uncertainty
  • Fleet-wide average up-time over 98% during seven years of commercial operation
  • Use Triton for one campaign and then move it to the next site, preserving capital assets
  • Use for specialised forecasting applications, SCADA integration
  • Use on very short deployments, such as two weeks for noise studies
  • Use in heavy snowfall areas, in areas with low solar insolation, and during dark winter months (increases fuel usage)

  • See what your Triton is doing any hour of the day or night in real time on a secure web interface
  • Control maintenance and repair costs with fixed-cost maintenance options

Technical Specifications

Maximum height200 m
Wind data capture heights40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 m
Wind speed range 0–25 m/s (0–55 mph)
Data recovery rate (unfiltered)>98% (at all heights)
Nominal filtered data recovery rate (with >90% Quality Factor)At 100 m: ~90%–95% or higher
At 120 m: ~88%–92% or higher
At 140 m: ~85%–90% or higher
Filtered data correlationWithin 2% of anemometers
Data upload rateEvery 10 minutes, via communications link Automatic data buffering and backfilling protocol.
SD memory card socket2 GB SD card records a minimum of 2 years of 10 minute data.
*Filtered data recovery rate represents the percentage of Triton data with a Quality Factor >90% averaged over a 12-month period to account for seasonal and diurnal effects. Application of a minimum QF of 90% removes low quality data associated with atmospheric stability, atmospheric absorption, and precipitation events. The Triton’s Filtered Data Recovery Rate is equivalent to “directionally filtered data” from met tower–mounted anemometers.
Power consumption 7 W (average)
Solar panels 2 panels, each rated @ 85 W
Internal batteries Leak-proof AGM marine batteries, rated 12V, 92 Ah
Battery capacity Internal shipping-safe mounting system holds up to 4 batteries, for 20 days of operation without charging.
Footprint2 m x 3 m (6′ x 9′) with solar panels fitted
OrientationDual-axis accelerometer for automatic correction for out-of-level. Site location determined by GPS.
Leveling of baseWithin 3° of level in x and y axes
Ambient temperature–40°C to +65°C (–40°F to +150°F)
Frequency of soundbeams4,500 Hz (nominal), with automatic temperature correction
Number of sound beams3
Data sampling rate~100 ‘chirps’ per sound beam per 10 minute period
Duration of sound ‘chirp’60–100 milliseconds
Sound level at ear level87 dBa at 0m; 63 dBa at 50m (intermittent sound source)
Dimensions2 x 2 x 2 m (6′ x 6′ x 6′). 1.2 m (3′ 11″) wide base fits pick-up truck bed or trailer
Weight350 to 450 kg (750 to 1000 lbs.) depending on configuration
Integrated shippingTriton and all accessories ship as one unit

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