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Chillwind Tubular Met-Mast

Scottish engineering to stand the test of time

Representing rugged Scottish engineering from the Dulas team, our tubular met-masts are proven to survive the most arduous of on-site conditions, up to a height of 90 metres.

Capable of holding twice the radial ice of the closest competing mast, they are hot-dip galvanised to give a lifespan of 20+ years.

These quality, heavy duty masts are engineered by our specialist team in Inverness and are customised with data loggers and the highest quality instruments for each individual client.

Chillwinds are renowned for their ability to stand up to the worst conditions – they’ve been flown into environments as inhospitable as the Norwegian tundra and installed on stormy offshore islands.

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Features & Benefits

  • Up to 90m height, in a single lift installation.
  • Standardised tubular sections – ease of inspection and convenience of transportation
  • 15cm diameter, or 20cm diameter sections, 6m Lengths
  • 4 point guy wire and ground anchors, split where necessary
  • Ground-based, tilt up installation – no climbing or working at height required.
  • Integrated cable runs and logger mounting points
  • 20 year warranty on parts and manufacture.
  • Made in Scotland to Dulas factory standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Available at a range of heights 10m- 90m
  • Up to six 6 measurements heights per tower
  • Assembly & instrumentation conforms to standards outlined in IEC 61400-12-1:2017 and ISO 17713-1

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