DuraSource Remote Power System

DuraSource is an advanced remote power system utilising a combination of technologies to deliver reliable and consistent power. By integrating solar photovoltaic panels, methanol fuel cells and batteries as part of a robust and rapidly deployable package, this innovative and durable solution is ideal for powering critical applications in remote and demanding environments.

This system ensures a continuous power supply by harnessing solar energy during the day and utilising the methanol fuel cell as a reliable backup during low sunlight conditions. With the capability to operate in temperatures as low as -20°C, each unit can provide a continuous year-round output of up to 55W (higher, intermittent peak outputs possible), ensuring consistent and dependable energy, minimising downtime, and maximising operational efficiency. The modular nature of the DuraSource means that units can be combined to increase output, ensuring that higher load demands and a range of load profiles can be supported by this low-footprint versatile solution.

Engineered for durability and optimised for performance, this remote power system undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of reliability. With remote monitoring, installation and refuelling services available we offer this product as a fit-and forget-solution for the toughest power requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • LiDAR and SoDAR Installations
  • Data Loggers and Telemetry
  • Security / Temporary CCTV
  • Rural Internet
  • Remote Actuators
  • Rail Crossings


Flexible Power Configuration
Tailor to your power needs by customizing AC or DC, and fuel sources from solar, methanol to wind.

Built to withstand a range of weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in outdoor and remote environments.

Remote Monitoring
Stay informed and in control of your power system from anywhere, anytime, via web portal.

Quiet Operation
Near silent, making it suitable for installations where noise pollution is a concern.

Compact and Portable
Small footprint to allow for easy transportation and installation in even the most remote environments.

Enquire for bespoke configurations incl. higher powers, wind generation, and AC outputs.

Technical Specifications

Continuous Power Output0–55W
Max Power Output @ 12V360W
Max Power Output @ 24V700W
Solar Pmax4 x 300W
Fuel Cell125W (EFOY Pro 2800)
Fuel Cartridges2 x 28ltrs
DC Output12V & 24V
Battery Configuration2 x 110Ah GEL
Weight (not incl. solar panels)~160kg
Size1200 x 850 x 530mm
Operating Temp~ -20°C to 45°C
Enclosure MaterialAluminium (EFOY ProCube 2060A)

Remote power supply for hydro control valves

Project overview:
At the request of a water utility client, we designed and implemented an RPS that controls valves on a remote reservoir. Previously, when valves needed adjusting to match the river flow rates, the job required an operative’s visit. This incurred additional time and expense, and the site is difficult to access and carries safety risks.

Our solution:
We have designed several systems, each one specific to the location and power requirements of the site. A recent example included solar modules with a bespoke mounting system specific for the requirements of fixing to the control building, charge controllers and a battery matched to ensure sufficient energy was available for the critical months of the year in terms of valve adjustment.

Benefits delivered

  • More frequent and accurate flow adjustment possible.
  • The valves can now be operated remotely at a fraction of the cost and without risk.

Remote power supply for railway crossings

Project overview:
Our technical consultants were asked by a national infrastructure client to supply design and specifications for off-grid power solutions for remote railway crossings. These crossings are often situated where no power is available for automated train warning systems.

Our solution:
We designed a tool that is being used to size RPS systems for warning signalling where a path crosses a railway line. Using solar irradiation and wind speed information from databases as an input, the system selects power supply elements from a predefined range of technology options, including solar modules, micro wind turbines, charge controllers, batteries, and fuel cells. Providing a reliable, inexpensive means of improving safety, this set-up has significant potential. If replicated across the country, as we hope, such installations will help to reduce incidents at these crossings.

Benefits delivered

  • Enabling the client to install bespoke and scalable solutions at every off-grid railway crossing.
  • Accurate analysis gives confidence that the system specified will deliver the crossing power requirements 24/7.
  • Systems are created from a range of predefined and approved elements.
  • Software users can be quickly trained to assess crossing site characteristics relevant to on-site generation and design off-grid power systems without specialist power supply knowledge.

‘Dulas have built, tested and deployed over 10 PSUs for Galileo which have enabled continuous and reliable data capture from our fleet of LiDAR devices.’

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