Coanda Screen Cleaning

Whilst Coanda screens are typically very low maintenance, for a small number of installations, certain conditions can result in increased cleaning requirements. Depending on the location of the Coanda screen and factors such the flow conditions and the biological component of the water, stubborn debris such as algae and moss can build up slowly over time, creating blockages and reducing abstraction, limiting the effectiveness of the screen and resulting in production losses.

Where this happens, adopting a more frequent cleaning regime is recommended. But in locations where access is difficult or complicated by weather conditions or geography, then an automated solution could be considered. In particular, to avoid sole operators working in the water in high flow conditions, or accessing the site during adverse weather. The automatic screen cleaner can offer a useful enhancement to any Health and Safety Management System.

Dulas is a reseller and installer of the SSES Automated Screen Cleaner in the UK.

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Screen Cleaning Solution

Screen cleaning solution

In Canada, seasoned hydro operator, Sea to Sky Energy Solutions, has been examining the issue of build-up on Coanda screens and has come up with a novel way of conducting automatic cleaning, ensuring the screen remains unblocked and running at maximum production levels.

The Automated Screen Cleaner is essentially a long brush that moves across the screen at regular intervals. It can be installed retrospectively or to brand new intakes of all sizes – the largest to date is 100ft. Seven Automated Screen Cleaner systems have already been installed in the UK, and it’s an excellent solution for anyone that wants to reduce the need for human intervention at remote schemes.

How the Automated Screen Cleaner works

The Automated Screen Cleaner includes a weatherproof control box, an electrical drive system with a weatherproof cover, a static line to support the brush, a drive line to pull the brush across the river, a return pulley for the drive line, two customized mounting posts, a custom screen cleaning brush, and all the hardware and cables necessary to put it together.

The Automated Screen Cleaner is customized to the intake site to ensure that the brush is positioned for full-screen contact. This includes customized mounting posts for the drive system and return pulley, and a brush made to measure for the screen. The system is fully-scalable and can be tailored to specific projects.

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