Instrumentation & Data Loggers

The Dulas Data logger package has been developed to offer our clients the most robust and reliable data collection and communication possible. We design these packages with your mast and your site in mind.

This superior Data logger package is developed by our in-house technical team, and manufactured using Campbell, Ammonit and Kintech Data loggers. The package includes high spec weatherproof fixtures, fittings and enclosures.

Following a site survey, an assessment of the location and specification will be made by our technical team who will check the compatibility of all the system components, along with a suitable communications system and power supply to suit your logger and instrumentation choice.

Features & Benefits

  • Site specific power calculations
  • Very low power consumption for the logger and comms of typically < 1W

  • Measurements not affected by rain, snow or fog
  • Measurement of temperature, relativity and pressure at height available
  • Mechanical or ultrasonic anemometers are the trusted way to measure turbulence intensity
  • Measurements at 1Hz as standard, then summary statistics stored every 10 minutes
  • Heated instruments if required
  • Designed and built by our in-house technical team
  • First Class instruments (MEASNET calibrated in accordance with IEC 61400-12-1:2017)
  • Data download, forwarding, and checking service

  • Instrument performance checks
  • Bespoke data logger packages to client specifications
  • Ultrasonic anemometers
  • Accurate installation of instruments at your specified heights and orientations
  • SCADA connected systems

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