Remote Temperature Monitoring (RTM)

Applying RMT technology is a simple way to improve the reliability of cold chain equipment, enhance maintenance and ensure fewer vaccines are spoiled. Dulas refrigerators now come with an integrated Beyond ICE3 device fitted at no additional cost

Dulas Beyond

Dulas Beyond

All new Dulas refrigerators are ‘beyond-ready’, with an integrated ICE3 remote temperature monitoring device fitted as standard. Also available as an annual subscription, the BeyondColdCloud™ provides real-time visibility of your entire cold chain in one easy to use portal. This cloud based cold chain management solution provides a constant view of your temperature sensitive assets installed anywhere around the globe. Sending critical alerts to the right people at the right time ensures that temperature deviations do not degrade or destroy temperature sensitive products. Subscription can be activated at purchase or switched on remotely at any point after commissioning the refrigerator.

Vaccine Guard

Vaccine Guard Remote Temperature Monitoring

Vaccine Guard was previously available as an option on new Dulas refrigerators. Vaccine Guard Remote Temperature Monitoring (RTM) continues to be supported for existing customers.