Client- Ty Nant Ltd


Ty Nant Ltd approached Dulas to undertake assessments and prepare an environmental report to support a planning application for a single 500kW wind turbine at the Ty Nant bottling plant near Bethania, Ceredigion.

Project Overview

Over recent years the company has seen substantial increases in energy costs which, combined with
the ever increasing demand by its customers for sustainable products, has led the company to put sustainability and carbon reduction at the forefront of its operations. This has led to the desire for securing a green supply of renewable energy at the site.

Over recent years, Ty Nant has continually improved its energy use and manufacturing processes, and has subsequently reduced energy use by over 30%. They have now reached a point where they are unable to further reduce their energy consumption, so they are instead considering producing their own on-site renewable energy.


Our Wind Development Services team initially carried out a feasibility study to ascertain whether the Ty Nant site was suitable to host a wind turbine. The results of this feasibility study were positive, and the team as then commissioned to carry out assessments and prepare an Environmental Report to accompany Ty Nant’s planning application to Ceredigion County Council.

The report documented the results of the assessments which had been undertaken including noise, cultural heritage, ecology, hydrology, landscape and visual, transport and construction.

This included an assessment of the construction stage, as well as the operational and decommissioning stages. The purpose of the report is to inform key decision makers, notably Ceredigion County Council, but also key consultees, such as CCW and Environment Agency Wales.

Technical Overview

In summary, the development comprised:

  • A single wind turbine up to 75m to tip
  • Concrete Foundation
  • A short gravel track from the existing Ty Nant access road to the turbine location
  • A buried cable between the turbine and the grid connection point at the Ty Nant bottling plant
  • A gravel hardstanding 18m x 35m
  • A temporary 50m meteorological mast
  • A small control building up to 5m x 8m x 3m

A range of 500kW wind turbines are available, and the options are currently being considered by Ty Nant.


The application was approved in committee on 8 May 2013.

The fundamental purpose of the development is to generate electricity from the wind to supply the associated Ty Nant bottling plant. Upon commissioning, a 500kW wind turbine would generate 1,095MWh of electricity annually, and create savings associated with fossil fuel derived energy equivalent to 471 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum, and over 11,000 tonnes over the lifetime of the turbine. The turbine will contribute towards Ty Nant’s environmental policy objectives, allowing for expansion of current activities and helping to safeguard rural employment.  The development will utilise the existing highways network to the site. Only minor modifications to the existing forestry track where the wind turbine is proposed are required. Very little additional landtake is required for the construction and operation of the turbine.  The design of the development was undertaken iteratively, and integrated with the assessment process. Measures to avoid or mitigate potential impacts have been embedded in the design, thereby improving the sustainability of the proposed scheme. As long as the proposed mitigation measures are implemented, the only residual significant adverse effects would be in respect of some aspects of landscape character areas, and to some properties in Bethania on the south side of the B4577. Such effects would be reversed upon removal of the wind turbine at decommissioning.

Team Overview

The Wind Development Services team provides a comprehensive range of services including constraints mapping, resource assessments and facilitation of projects through planning for wind, hydro, solar and biomass. Ideal if you are starting a development project and require expert planning advice and environmental impact assessment services. We are able to provide quality advice on technological, social, economic and environmental issues surrounding renewable energy worldwide. From early stage advice right through to proposals and project management.