Award winning solar powered technology from Dulas Ltd will be featured at forthcoming event AIDF in Kenya next week. The exhibition focusses heavily on cold chain innovation and features a number of key participants from the industry on 27th and 28th February in Nairobi. The conference spans two days and aims to bring together aid and development stakeholders within Africa and beyond. Covering four different themes the programme will attract over 350 senior attendees from regional governments, UN agencies, investors, donors and the private sector.

Nominated for an Innovator award at the event, the company will be showcasing their remote cold chain monitoring device, Vaccine Guard, which allows access to real time data from your vaccine refrigerators wherever they are, globally. The device is available with all Dulas manufactured SDD vaccine refrigerators along with a 10 year refrigerator warranty option. Attendees at the event will be able to interact first hand with the small yet powerful monitoring unit whilst seeing real time data from a vaccine refrigerator in the field.

Visitors will also benefit from a demonstration of Dulas’ energy harvesting ‘solar socket’ which was developed by our engineers in the UK to maximise available use of excess energy from the SDD refrigerators. The power can be used to charge devices such as mobile phones or lighting equipment in health care clinics. This prize winning technology is essential for clinics that don’t have access to a reliable power supply, helping to improve access to essential services in the most remote locations.

Stop by the stand and see our ingenuity and innovation for yourself. Staff from Dulas will be on hand to show you how your healthcare programmes could benefit from over three decades of practical experience in developing cold chain solutions.