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Our people

Originally established by six engineers from the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, Dulas has grown consistently over the years as demand for renewable energy technologies has increased.
As an employee-owned business and co-operative, the company has opted for organic, planned growth rather than a rapid, step-change expansion.
Dulas now has over 75 employees in three locations: Machynlleth in Wales, and Stirling and Inverness in Scotland. Our staff come from a wide range of backgrounds and cover a broad range of disciplines.
From specialist technicians and engineers to microgeneration installers and renewable energy service developers, Dulas has the expertise that you need to take your project to fruition.

Sales Team

Catherine McLennan
Catherine McLennanCommercial Lead – Solar International
Catherine has worked for Dulas in the Solar International team since 2009 and in that time has built up a network of trusted in-country partners across the globe. Managing a successful sales and marketing programme for the cold chain business within Dulas, she is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with key clients including international UN organisations and NGOs. Catherine is an excellent communicator and very passionate about her role, which includes extensive travel worldwide as an ambassador for Dulas.
Corrie Jones
Corrie JonesSales and Marketing Assistant
Corrie has worked in the renewables sector for 15 years and has a background in cartography. Her specialisms include environmental impact assessments, site design and other planning services.
Now supporting Dulas’ sales and marketing functions, Corrie is passionate about communicating the benefits of our equipment to organisations including UNICEF, WHO and Gavi.
Chloe Evans
Chloe EvansSales Assistant
After recently completing a BSc in Sociology at the University of Chester, Chloe joined Solar International’s sales team and currently heads up our customer satisfaction programme.
As a customer sales specialist, Chloe has excellent attention to detail and her communication skills are second-to-none.

Delivery Team

Andrew Rowbottom
Andrew Rowbottom Head of Project Delivery
With nearly 30 years’ experience in Renewable Energy, Andrew is a specialist in engineering off-grid on on-grid energy supply. His primary focus is to deliver Dulas’s CCEOP projects in-country which includes our International Training Programme, but he has also worked on PV, wind and diesel hybrid system design, alongside resource assessment, data logging installation and sensor specification.
Bobbie Wright
Bobbie WrightExport and Logistic Manager
With a background spanning 10 years in solar system design, battery storage and key account management, Bobbie is responsible for the project management and delivery of Solar International orders.
Bobbie has strong communication, planning and organisational skills and these personal strengths ensure the smooth running of our order and delivery process.
Claire Toland
Claire TolandProject Manager
Claire has over 10 years’ experience of project management at Dulas, across a wide range of bespoke solar & hydro installations in the UK. She is currently focused on project managing Solar International’s overseas solar installation projects. Claire’s time management and problem-solving skills ensure that quality installations are delivered on time, within budget, and to the client’s satisfaction.
Gemma Atherton
Gemma AthertonProcurement Manager
With over ten years’ experience working in the renewable energy sector, Gemma is responsible for the procurement of all system components of the
Dulas range of Solar Vaccine Refrigerator Systems. Gemma has responsibility for developing and maintaining supplier relationships and seeking value for money and on time delivery at all stages of order processing. With a background in export and procurement, Gemma is well versed on the complexities of managing stock and juggling customer requirements.

Technical Team

David Elliot
David ElliotPrinciple Technical Consultant
As the Principle Technical Consultant in the Solar International team, David leads and is responsible for the development of new products for Dulas’ overseas markets.
David’s life-saving innovations have attracted award attention from i-Novo and the prestigious St. Andrews Prize for the Environment. David also travels extensively to teach Dulas’ International training programmes.
Jo Gwillim
Jo GwillimResearch and Development Engineer
As a founding member of Dulas and with an extensive background in electronics and computing, Jo was pivotal in the development of the current range of products.
Jo has a wealth of knowledge around refrigeration design, he is a qualified teacher and spent 5 years working for Oxford University as a Biomechanics Engineer. Additionally, his innovations have been recognised by international awarding bodies and are used around the world.
Tom Chase
Tom ChaseResearch and Development Engineer
As our Research and Development Engineer, Tom is focused on keeping Dulas on the cutting edge of cold chain innovation.
Tom graduated with an MPhil in Physics in 2009 and since then has worked intensively in the fields of renewable instrumentation and electronics engineering.
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