Our online learning platform, the Dulas Academy, is used around the globe and covers all aspects of installation, operation and maintenance of our solar direct drive and mains powered vaccine refrigerators. Vaccines can only work if the cold chain that distributes them is reliable, and our WHO PQS accredited vaccine refrigerators are an important part of that chain.

The Dulas Academy was part funded by the Welsh Government’s SMART innovation scheme and developed when COVID-19 travel restrictions meant that we were unable to travel and deliver training in-country in our usual manner. Whilst the Dulas Academy was developed in response to the conditions imposed by the pandemic, it has since become an indispensable resource that allows us to provide a training resource to even more technicians across the globe.

How Dulas Academy is accessed

The Dulas Academy is a modular training programme in the form of videos, slide presentations and downloadable information. It can be used anywhere in the world where an internet connection exists – this works particularly well because mobile internet technology has been widely adopted by many in the countries where we work. For example, during the pandemic we delivered over 700 refrigerators to Nigeria and, whilst we couldn’t train in person, we were able to hold a live online demonstration from the UK and also introduce Ministry of Health staff and technicians to the Dulas Academy, a comprehensive resource that they can return to again and again. The Dulas Academy enabled us to overcome the restrictions of the pandemic and undertake one of the largest installation projects we have ever done in Nigeria. Feedback from technicians on the ground is that having unlimited access to training material really helps with their day-to-day work as solar refrigeration technicians.

Welsh Government support

Catherine McLennan, Head of International Sales at Dulas, played a leading role in the development of the online training platform: “As well as making it possible to continue training while travel restrictions existed, the Dulas Academy has also enabled us to greatly increase the accessibility of our training. Now, more people than ever can obtain training in the installation and use of our refrigerators, directly from us, the manufacturer. This will improve the long-term reliability of the equipment, saving vaccines, and saving lives. The Academy has been recognised for its innovative concept and we could not have done this without the support of the Welsh Government’s SMART innovation scheme – we are extremely grateful for their continued support towards our work.”

“The videos were really useful in helping to see the products and how they work.”

Laura Corcoran, Chief Business Development Officer at Aptech Uganda, found the Dulas Academy content very helpful and easy to follow: