Project Overview

Dulas has delivered 113 of its VC50SDD Solar Vaccine Refrigerators to Togo, to support the work of the Togo Ministry of Health and GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, to deliver immunisation initiatives. Togo is one of the world’s poorest countries and combating childhood preventable diseases, particularly in remote areas, remains one of its key challenges. In order to ensure effective vaccination programmes, vaccines must be transported and stored within the correct temperature range of +2°C to +8°C. With an extended ambient operating temperature range of +5°C to +43°C, the VC50SDD solar refrigerators provide stand-alone reliable vaccine storage independent of grid power.

The refrigerators will be installed by Dulas’ local service partner, BEMISS, in rural health centres across all five regions of Togo.

At Dulas, we’re committed not only to supplying vital cold chain equipment but also to ensuring that necessary training is provided to support the project

Guy Watson, Head of Dulas Solar International
Dulas Vaccine Guard

VC50SDD temperature record during training event in 2018

Training Overview

As part of the initiative Dulas and BEMISS, provided bilingual training to Ministry of Health staff to ensure the refrigerators will be properly operated and maintained into the future.

The training was delivered over two days in Kpalimé, with 45 members of staff of the Ministry of Health in attendance. The training was supported by the Ministry of Health.

A Dulas VC50SDD solar powered refrigerator, operating on solar power, was provided at the training venue. This enabled all delegates to have a good introduction to the appliance, its key components, and its solar power supply.

Delegates were able to monitor the temperature of the refrigerator during the training course using Dulas’ innovative “Vaccine Guard” remote temperature monitoring device and web-portal.

Technical Overview

Vaccine Refrigerator


Vaccine Storage

52.5 litre capacity

Solar Panels


WHO approved PQS

E003 / 078

Total number of refrigerator systems supplied: