Dulas is participating in an International event this week – the Action on Disaster Relief conference (ADR2023) being held at the Marriott Hotel, Panama City, between the 22 and 23 February. ADR is a well-established humanitarian aid and development event which aims to further cooperation across the humanitarian aid and development communities. It’s typically attended by senior United Nations officials, disaster agencies, NGOs, and public and private sector entities working within the aid and development arena.

“We’ll be showcasing our solar direct drive technology, but we’re also looking forward to listening to and meeting those at the forefront of delivering disaster aid programmes to gain a better understanding of how we can answer the needs of major disaster relief projects. Recent events in Turkey and Syria demonstrate how important it is to have effective disaster response mechanisms in place, and we believe that building an energy resilient infrastructure is an important part of that.”

Catherine McLennan, Commercial Lead for Solar International

Solar Direct Drive refrigerators can play an important role in supporting the delivery of vaccines and bloodbags when regions are in dire straits and logistics are stretched to their limit. Disaster recovery can take years and access to life-saving health care during this time can be severely curtailed.

According to UNICEF, humanitarian crises are becoming more frequent, complex and persistent, affecting children most profoundly. Hopefully, events such as ADR can put us all in a better and more informed position to help in the face of these crises.