Today we are flying the flag for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasising our commitment to playing our part in combatting major global challenges including climate change, gender inequality, poverty, and labour conditions. By flying the flag, we are joining hundreds of organisations around the world to raise awareness of the Global Goals, and encouraging others to join in.

Dulas has been part of the UN Global Compact, whereby businesses actively promote the UN’s SDGs, since 2010. Every year we report on how we are playing our part in achieving the SGDs, and this is combined with reports from other UK participants and collated by the Office for National Statistics. This feeds into the UN’s overall picture of global progress towards the SDGs.

Given our work supplying solar powered vaccine refrigerator systems to UN agencies in developing countries, it is perhaps not surprising that we are enthusiastic participant!

Our MD, Ruth Chapman, comments:

“We are enormously proud of our participation in the United Nations Global Compact. When faced with problems that can only be solved on a global scale, it is essential that all parties are engaged, not least the business world. With climate change now impacting the health and livelihoods of many communities, this is more pertinent than ever before.

Businesses are very successful in innovating to solve problems so are ideal agents for change. Investors and consumers are increasingly interested in the environmental, social and governance policies of the firms they engage with, so it makes good business sense.

The Global Compact provides a ready-made structure for businesses looking to design sustainable strategies, along with training tools and a global network of like-minded professionals.The more companies that participate, the stronger our collective voice, so I hope by flying the flag for SDG, others will be encouraged to join in and work for global sustainable development.”

More information about the United Nations Global Compact can be found at