Dulas pioneers last mile vaccine technology in Yemen

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Project Overview

Dulas has worked in Yemen for over 20 years delivering our solar powered refrigerators to support the immunisation needs of the Ministry of Health.

Throughout 2018 and 2019 we will have delivered over 600 solar refrigerators with a further 500 scheduled for delivery in 2020.

For Yemen, the orders come at a critical time for the country, as fighting between Houthi rebels and Government forces continues. The challenges posed by the ongoing conflict have led to outbreaks of cholera, the effects exacerbated by ever increasing populations in temporary refugee accommodation.

As an early pioneer of innovative solutions to tackle the complexities of delivering vaccinations in remote and war torn communities, we continue to develop new approaches to meet the last mile vaccine challenge.

Guy Watson, Head of Dulas Solar International

As part of ensuring the effectiveness of its vaccine cold- chain, Dulas have additionally provided its Vaccine Guard technology as part of the future delivery – a real time remote temperature monitoring system.

The Vaccine Guards report live data from the Dulas refrigerators via the GSM networks 24/7, and immediately send SMS and email notifications, should the vaccines be at risk.

Outcomes and Benefits

As Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance – and other NGOs look at how to address some of the remaining challenges in so called last mile vaccination, innovations from Dulas in solar powered fridges, vacuum panel insulation to prevent freezing, and the Vaccine Guard monitoring technology have collectively combined to begin to address the challenge of ensuring that the storage and delivery in the most challenging regions is ultimately effective.

Technical Overview

Vaccine Refrigerator


Vaccine Storage

132 litre capacity

Solar Panels

REC 280

WHO approved PQS

E003 / 040

Total number of refrigerator systems supplied:

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