Project Overview

Dulas recently worked with its partner Mada Green Power to successfully deliver and install 138 vaccine refrigerators and freezers in Madagascar.

The project is part of the Cold Chain Equipment Optimisation Platform (CCEOP), an initiative which is supported by several worldwide NGOs including UNICEF, Gavi and WHO. The initiative aims to improve the effectiveness of vaccine delivery in countries like Madagascar which experienced a devastating measles outbreak in 2019.

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and has a diverse terrain and subtropical climate. Delivering the equipment to challenging areas with poor infrastructure such as the Marolambo District meant coordinating deliveries by truck, ox and cart and finally by hand in order to successfully reach the most remote health centres.

Getting cold chain equipment to the last mile is essential for providing universal health coverage for all

Andrew Rowbottom, Dulas CCEOP Project Manager
Training Overview

As part of the initiative Dulas and Mada Green Power provided bilingual training to Ministry of Health staff in Antananarivo. The training provided staff with the skills required to use the equipment effectively into the future.

Outcomes and Benefits

By March 2020 all 138 units were installed and working effectively in Health Centres across the region and by using the Dulas Vaccine Guard remote temperature monitoring system, EPI managers can observe the equipments performance remotely ensuring that fewer vaccines are spoiled.

Technical Overview

Vaccine Refrigerator

Dulas VC150SDD

Vaccine Storage102

 102 litre capacity

Water Pack Storage

20 x 0.6 litre ice-packs

Solar Panels


WHO approved PQS

E003 / 048

Number supplied:


Vaccine Freezer

Aucma DW-25W300

Vaccine Storage

240 litre capacity

WHO approved PQS

E003 / 061

Number supplied: