Earlier this year we launched ‘Beyond Ready’, our next generation smart refrigerators with integrated remote temperature monitoring (RTM). We worked closely with Internet of Things solutions provider, Beyond, to integrate their ICE3 monitoring device across all our solar powered vaccine refrigerators.

ICE3: keeping your vaccines safe 24/7

ICE3 is one of the world’s most advanced and reliable remote temperature monitoring devices. It enables you to monitor the temperature of your refrigerators, immediately sending alerts via SMS or email if the temperature deviates outside the specified range – all you need is a mobile phone signal. It’s also WHO PQS accredited, so together, we have created the first fully PQS accredited refrigerator with a truly integrated monitoring system. This is important because it’s essential to purchase life-saving cold chain equipment safe in the knowledge that it will reliably protect temperature sensitive assets like vaccines, wherever they are in the world.

Effective cold chain

We were enthused to partner with Beyond – they’re an incredibly innovative company using technology to improve the effectiveness and reliability of cold chain assets. The World Health Organization estimates that 50-70% of vaccines are wasted, many lost due to temperature control issues, so this is a vital area of work. Like us, Beyond appreciates the issues around managing a cold chain in remote areas where you can’t rely on a constant supply of energy. We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with them on this project – we share the same desire to increase access to vaccines and improve lives, and you can’t do that without an effective cold chain.

Smart refrigeration

Our Dulas Beyond smart refrigerators are now being shipped worldwide. We know our customers work extremely hard delivering healthcare services and vaccination programs where they’re needed most. Smart refrigeration will make managing the cold chain of life-saving vaccines much simpler. It’s fantastic to see innovative technology improving lives, and we’re very proud to be part of the solution.

Simple to use, but packed with features:

• Easy-to-read ‘always-on’ LCD temperature display

• High and low temperature alarm settings automatically send audio and visual alerts

• Alarm history indication

• 120 days of local data storage – simply insert a USB and download the report

• A scannable QR code gives instant 30-day temperature reports

• No need to purchase or install a separate monitoring device

• 3-year warranty

• The ICE3 is robust, requires no maintenance, no battery changes, and is designed to last the lifetime of the refrigerator


The new system also offers the BeyondColdCloud™ feature, which uses wireless technology to give real time visibility of an entire cold chain in one easy-to-use portal.

• BeyondColdCloud™ enables you to alert multiple recipients, to ensure that temperature deviations do not degrade or destroy life-saving products.

• A GIS dashboard is accessible via smartphone and internet browser – delivering real-time cold chain information

• Automated and on-demand flexible reporting from anywhere in the world

• Alarm analytics enable investigation of incidents of temperature deviation

• Remote cold chain monitoring in over 70 countries, allowing integration with other BeyondColdCloud™ systems across the globe.

• Less training time, less expense and less time to get a system up and running, with only one system to operate.