In this season of goodwill, there’s a cause
that we’re proud to be supporting…

This year, we’re going to gift £1,000* to help provide people with a safe and reliable water supply in the mountainous Gorkha District, Nepal.

The country’s perilous geography makes access to the water supply extremely challenging for hilltop communities, particularly in Gorkha, the epicentre of Nepal’s devastating earthquake of 2015.

In these forgotten hilltop villages, water scarcity drives the spread of disease, and limits food production and opportunities to earn a living. It also prevents children, but especially girls, from attending school and means women and girls spend countless hours each day fetching water, exposing them to injury and abuse, and trapping them in a cycle of poverty.

Y4WASH, an exciting new project, will transform this situation in six hilltop communities in Gorkha District. It will increase access to water, using solar pumping technology, build hand washing and toilet facilities in schools and homes, and support communities to improve food production and strengthen livelihoods through climate-smart agriculture.

You can find out more about the Y4WASH scheme via the Renewables World’s ‘Big Give Christmas Challenge’ here.

*Dulas have pledged a donation of £500, which is generously matched as part of ‘The Big Give Christmas Challenge’.