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Lattice Tower Met Mast

For the ultimate in measurement height and customisation, lattice towers offer flexible measurement solutions at a range of heights from 60m-120m. Lattice towers have the advantage that they can often achieve greater heights than tubular masts and can be climbed and maintained without having to lower the entire mast.

Dulas offers both freestanding tower structures that are typically deployed on operational wind farm sites as well as guyed towers that are more normally deployed to support development wind monitoring campaigns. Guyed towers usually have a lifespan in the field of 5 years or more, if regularly checked and maintained. They provide a secure measurement platform throughout the typical duration of a development campaign.

We are experienced operators, installers and turnkey constructors of lattice masts and can provide a bespoke measurement system that is suited to your needs whilst maintaining compliance with IEC 61400-12-1 (2017) and MEASNET guidance and standards.

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Features & Benefits

  • Reach up to 120m height with Lattice Tower Masts from Dulas partner suppliers
  • Designed and installed to Eurocode 3 standards
  • Triangular lattice sections, climbable for ease of inspection during operation
  • 15cm diameter, or 20cm diameter sections.
  • 3-point guy wire and ground anchors, split where necessary
  • Integrated cable run and logger mounting points

Technical Specifications

  • Available at a range of heights 60-120m
  • Up to six 6 measurements heights per tower
  • Assembly & instrumentation conforms to standards outlined in IEC 61400-12-1:2017 and ISO 17713-1

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