Operation & Maintenance

Dulas provide a range of operational services to ensure that project owners can generate the maximum potential from their hydro schemes. Our teams work across more than 30 sites in Wales and Scotland. We perform daily checks, regular and unplanned maintenance, and our engineers are on call 24 hours a day.

Our services include:

  • Remote monitoring and generation reports
  • Hydro fault diagnosis and repair
  • Annual maintenance and inspections of existing hydro projects

Our rigorous fault-finding exercises are designed to minimise plant downtime and are tailored to each project.

Refurbishment & Optimisation

We can help with optimising all stages of your project’s profitability, and repair hydro systems that have suffered technical failure or are in need of refurbishment.

Our service include:

  • Electrical and mechanical refurbishment
  • Hydro control system upgrades
  • Project reprogramming
  • Troubleshooting of hydro systems

In addition to the services provided above, Dulas specialise in the installation of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Dulas also offer the unique AquaShear Coanda screens to cover intake redesign and rebuild.

Refurbishment & Troubleshooting

With our extensive history of installing and managing hydro projects, we use our knowledge and expertise to improve poorly performing projects and to reinstate redundant developments.

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