Dulas has been commissioned by Banks Renewables to erect an 80-metre meteorological mast at the Mill Rig windfarm under development in South Lanarkshire. The mast’s instrumentation will be used to obtain the wind data essential to ensure the optimal running of the windfarm’s turbines.


The new windfarm is expected to become operational from 2025 and will consist of six turbines with tip heights up to 250-metres. These will generate up to 36MW of electricity – sufficient to provide green electricity to more than 21,000 homes.


Dulas’s Business Development Manager, Donald Spiers, said:

‘We are delighted to be working with Banks Group, who have a long heritage of developing successful renewable energy installations in the north of England and Scotland. Their ‘Development with Care’ model provides the gold standard for engaging with local communities and winning their support for projects that further the UK’s drive towards carbon-free energy.’


Frazer Harrison, Development Engineer at Banks, was equally pleased with the deal, saying Dulas:

‘have been an excellent partner in shaping and delivering the Mill Rig Temporary Met Mast project to the highest standard. Their support will contribute to the delivery of the Mill Rig Wind Farm project for the benefit of the local community and Scotland as a whole.’