World Wide Commercial Ventures (WWCV) distribute approximately 30% of all pharmaceuticals sold in Nigeria, and as partners to Dulas for 20 years the business wanted to use Dulas’ refrigerators and cold chain temperature monitoring technology in regional cold stores within its own supply network. Dulas therefore supplied WWCV with 18 VC225ILR refrigerators, portable Vaccine Guards – a self-contained device that records and reports the vaccine refrigerators’ internal temperature – vehicle tracking devices and full temperature and humidity monitoring for three cold rooms.

The VC225 ILR is one of Dulas’ most technologically advanced and energy-efficient vaccine refrigerators. With a 184 litre storage capacity, it is equipped with innovative insulation technologies and features a long term autonomy during grid outages. It is equipped with a voltage stabilizer to protect against power surges caused by unbalanced grid voltages.

The Vaccine Guard monitors the internal temperature of refrigerators 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and, if the temperature should exceed or fall below pre-set limits, an email or SMS message is immediately sent to the user, allowing them to quickly react and prevent the condition of vaccines within the refrigerator deteriorating. The system also provides a dashboard overview of the performance a fleet of refrigerators including event statistics. As a result, WWCV no longer need to manually collect data and monitor the cold chain.

Vaccines need to be stored and transported with extreme care if they are to remain effective. But by installing Dulas’ refrigerators in combination with the Vaccine Guard, WWCV can be confident that their vaccines are being maintained at the correct temperature and are in optimum condition – ready to make a significant contribution to improving immunisation rates in Nigeria.

Together with Fenlab Nigeria, the country’s leading provider of medical cold chain and refrigeration equipment, Dulas has delivered a series of refrigeration projects across Nigeria in 2017.