The VC88SDD is an advanced mid-sized WHO-accredited 88 litre capacity Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Vaccine Refrigerator. Offering class-leading total cost of ownership and cost per litre of vaccine storage, it is the perfect choice for upgrading your cold chain. Utilising our optimised solar technology, the VC88SDD offers the perfect balance of array size and autonomy to deliver exceptional reliability whatever the weather. Fully GAVI CCEOP compliant with the highest level of Grade A Freeze Protection and a +5C to +43C extended temperature operating range. All Dulas refrigerators now come with an integrated Beyond ICE3 device fitted at no additional cost. Applying RTM technology is a simple way to improve the reliability of cold chain equipment, enhance maintenance and ensure fewer vaccines are spoiled. Subscription can be activated at purchase or switched on remotely at any point after commissioning the refrigerator. solar powered fridge specification