Dulas signs new deal to release new off-grid smart-refrigerators with embedded remote temperature monitoring.

Dulas has signed a deal with ‘internet of things’ company, Beyond, to provide integrated remote temperature monitoring on its Solar Direct Drive vaccine refrigerators. The deal will see Beyond’s high-tech ICE3 monitoring device fitted as standard to Dulas’s range of Solar Direct Drive (SDD) vaccine refrigerators at their manufacturing facility in Bognor Regis.

The new Beyond-Ready smart refrigerators will be shipped to communities all over the world where little or no grid supply means relying on solar powered refrigerators to keep life-saving vaccines at the correct temperatures. The integrated ICE3 device will enable health centre staff to easily monitor their cold chain equipment, providing alerts whenever a temperature fluctuation needs to be checked.

Combining the respective technologies of Dulas and Beyond means that end-users will no longer need to purchase and install refrigerators and remote temperature monitoring devices separately. These smart refrigerators will save time and money and will ultimately lead to a more efficient, effective, and sustainable cold chain.

Everybody wins!” says Ian Lester, CEO of Beyond. “By working closely with Dulas we gain a new and exciting channel to market with a respected pioneer in off-grid vaccine cold chain distribution. We bring a class-leading remote cold chain monitoring solution with active deployments in over 100 countries, and the instant a smart Dulas refrigerator is activated, it’s immediately online. For the end-users, this significantly lowers the barrier to entry, helping them to build and expand smarter, more efficient vaccine cold chains at a lower cost and with much less hassle factor.”   

We are delighted to be partnering with Beyond” says Dulas’ Managing Director, Ruth Chapman, about the relationship. “Having their unique and proven cold chain equipment monitoring solution as an integral component of our offering will give our clients complete peace of mind”. She went on to say, “this collaboration is another example of our commitment to developing future-proof renewable energy cold chain solutions for our clients. We believe the relationship is a logical evolution of our two technologies.”

Lester continues to say, “Soon, we believe cold chains will be seen less as a fleet of physical assets and more as a service, where visibility and uptime will be the key drivers of success. This partnership is a firm step in that direction, and it aligns completely with our vision of improving human health by leveraging the power and reach of the Internet of Things (IoT).”

The new Dulas Beyond Ready refrigerators are available to order now.