Maintaining the masts that acquire wind data and ensure the optimal performance of windfarms demands specialist expertise and careful planning. This is even more the case where the windfarm is situated offshore, where the risks involved in working at heights of up to 100 metres are compounded by the ever-changing conditions at sea.

Met mast maintenance is essential to ensure that all the on-board instrumentation is working correctly and, even more importantly, to ensure that the mast is safe. Without regular structural checks, catastrophic mast failure – collapse – could be the result. Consequently, operators are legally required to obtain a Safe to Climb Certificate for each of their masts, obtained through an initial inspection and by further inspections at annual intervals thereafter. Without this certification it is against the law to allow any access to the mast.

Our fully GWO- and MATS-qualified engineers have many years’ experience in ensuring offshore met masts perform to their manufacturers’ design specs. Our range of services includes mast inspections to obtain Safe to Climb Certificates, even where existing certificates have expired, and access is otherwise prohibited.

All work carried out is preceded by the drafting of a comprehensive CPP (Construction Phase Plan), setting out the work that will be implemented, and the planned measures to ensure health and safety are not compromised.

In short, Dulas can ensure your offshore met masts operate efficiently, safely and legally, so let’s have a conversation: call us on +44 (0)1654 705000 or drop us an email at