After recently being selected by Leosphere to be their UK reseller, we’re delighted that our first client for the WindCube product is SSE Renewables, with whom we’ve shared a long and valued relationship.

A WindCube will be installed in a permanent configuration at the Gordonbush Extension Wind Farm up in the Highlands, supporting long-term operations at the site. Eleven new turbines with tip heights up to 149.9 metres are being added to the facility’s existing 35 smaller ones. They are expected to produce electricity from next year.

The extra height of the new turbines will deliver more power, but also means that wind measurements are required at heights beyond the existing met mast’s capability. The WindCube, which is a lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) wind measurement device, will augment the mast data and provide accurate measurements up to heights of around 200 metres.

Rachel Munday, Commercial Lead of our Wind Monitoring Department, oversaw the deal and highlights its advantages for SSE.

‘Having a ground-based laser measurement system alongside the existing met tower means there is no need for a higher mast and all its attendant infrastructure. The WindCube delivers industry-leading precision data alongside the convenience of ground-based operation.

‘Given our strong long-term links with SSE, it’s fitting that they will be the first to benefit from all that the WindCube offers.’