Blood Bank

  • The VC200SDD-B is a bespoke design for use in the cold chain. Bringing Dulas’s latest innovation in cold chain refrigeration to the blood chain, our SDD technology proves excellent at storing blood products. The high energy density of the PCM lining means rapid cooling, and the ability to run in cloudy, low light conditions means greater reliability than other battery-free solutions. The alarm chart recorder is, of course, battery powered to allow 24hr monitoring, and its 132L capacity enables the storage of up to 120 x 280ml blood bags. All Dulas refrigerators now come with an integrated Beyond ICE3 device fitted at no additional cost. Applying RTM technology is a simple way to improve the reliability of cold chain equipment, enhance maintenance and ensure fewer vaccines are spoiled. Subscription can be activated at purchase or switched on remotely at any point after commissioning the refrigerator.
  • Hot zone rated large capacity next generation ‘ice-lined’ bloodbank refrigerator. A bespoke design for use in the cold chain – the enhanced VC225ILR is suitable for blood storage. At 184.5 litres vaccine capacity the VC225ILR-B is ideal for larger health facilities and is supplied with a built-in power regulator and voltage stabiliser.


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