Wind Monitoring

  • Representing rugged Scottish engineering, our tubular met masts are proven to survive the most arduous of on-site conditions, up to a height of 90 metres. These quality, heavy duty masts are assembled by our specialist team in Inverness. They are customised with data loggers and the highest quality instruments to suit each individual client’s requirements, and hot-dip galvanised to give a lifespan of 20+ years. Chillwind met masts are renowned for their ability to stand up to the worst conditions – they’ve been airlifted into environments as inhospitable as the Norwegian tundra and installed on stormy offshore islands.
  • DuraSource is an advanced remote power system utilising a combination of technologies to deliver reliable and consistent power. By integrating solar photovoltaic panels, methanol fuel cells and batteries as part of a robust and rapidly deployable package, this innovative and durable solution is ideal for powering critical applications in remote and demanding environments. This system ensures a continuous power supply by harnessing solar energy during the day and utilising the methanol fuel cell as a reliable backup during low sunlight conditions. With the capability to operate in temperatures as low as -20°C, each unit can provide a continuous year-round output of up to 55W (higher, intermittent peak outputs possible), ensuring consistent and dependable energy, minimising downtime, and maximising operational efficiency. The modular nature of the DuraSource means that units can be combined to increase output, ensuring that higher load demands and a range of load profiles can be supported by this low-footprint versatile solution. Engineered for durability and optimised for performance, this remote power system undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of reliability. With remote monitoring, installation and refuelling services available we offer this product as a fit-and forget-solution for the toughest power requirements.
  • The Dulas Data logger package has been developed to offer our clients the most robust and reliable data collection and communication possible. We design these packages with your mast and your site in mind. This superior Data logger package is developed by our in-house technical team, and manufactured using Campbell, Ammonit and Kintech Data loggers. The package includes high spec weatherproof fixtures, fittings and enclosures. Following a site survey, an assessment of the location and specification will be made by our technical team who will check the compatibility of all the system components, along with a suitable communications system and power supply to suit your logger and instrumentation choice.
  • Lattice towers have the advantage that they can often achieve greater heights than tubular masts and can be climbed and maintained without having to lower the entire mast. Dulas holds relationships with a number of lattice tower suppliers. This enables us to specify the mast product that is right for your site and measurement campaign. Be it a short-term development campaign or a long-term permanent monitoring system – we will have something to fit the bill. We are experienced installers of lattice met masts, and can provide a bespoke measurement system and lifetime service that is suited to your needs, whilst maintaining compliance with IEC 61400-12-1:2017 and MEASNET guidance and standards.
  • The Triton Wind Profiler is a durable, robust, and independent sonic detection and ranging (SoDAR) device used for wind monitoring. Triton captures extensive data on anomalous wind events such as speed and direction shear and turbulence that directly affect wind turbines’ power output – and that could affect a wind farm’s performance. It’s also a suitable complement to noise monitoring campaigns. The Triton requires only 7 W of power for continuous operation. Technology innovations like low-power amplifier chips and the Blackfin ARM enable Triton to be powered by two solar panels and to run continuously without being attended. During winter operations, a fuel cell may be required. Triton captures wind data at heights up to 200 meters, reducing uncertainty inherent in the use of extrapolated data from meteorological towers. Dulas is proud to supply sales and support for Vaisala Tritons in the UK and Ireland.
  • Remote sensing devices are lightweight and easily transportable, they do not require planning permission and can be applied both offshore and onshore to gather wind data from 40m to 300m in height, with up to 20 separate height measurements taken every second. Coupled with Dulas’ robust remote power supply, and in field monitoring services, these LiDAR units can operate reliably in the field for years with regular refuelling and maintenance intervals. Remote sensing devices can be deployed ahead of met masts and in conjunction with them to extend and enhance your data sets. Though it is widely held that terrain in the UK is too complex to allow for LiDAR only measurement campaigns currently. Dulas is proud to be an authorised distributor of Vaisala WindCubes in the UK and Ireland.


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