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Dulas refrigerators extend access to healthcare across Angola

Our vaccine refrigerators are currently being rolled out to health centres across 14 provinces in Angola. This forms part of a USAID-funded project to extend access to healthcare across the country. In total, 280 Dulas VC150SDD vaccine refrigerators were procured by an international NGO for this project. Our in-country partner, BANT2, is managing transportation, warehousing and installation, as well as providing training to end users.

Universal access to health services

In the last five years, Angola has made significant progress in improving access to health services. Focus has been on increasing the health workforce by around 35%, increasing infrastructure with the construction of 85 modern health facilities, and strengthening its capacity to respond to public health emergencies. However, the country continues to face challenges in implementing routine vaccination coverage, and it experiences high levels of malaria, diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, acute malnutrition, tuberculosis, and an increase in chronic non-communicable diseases.

A health centre worker preparing ice packs for outreach vaccination

In recent years, we have focused on ensuring that our population has access to more quality health services, and we have achieved significant results. This progress, while a good reason to celebrate, should not be a reason to get complacent, because the road to achieving universal health coverage – particularly in Angola – is still long. We must continue to work together, urgently investing in the resilience of our health system to move towards achieving universal health coverage for all our citizens.

Dr. Silvia Lutucuta

Minister of Health, Angola

Strengthening primary healthcare is key to ensuring that all Angolan people have access to essential health services. In rural areas, many travel significant distances to receive basic healthcare. Installing vaccine refrigerators in health centres across the country will increase access to life-saving vaccines. The VC150SDD uses solar direct drive technology to ensure a reliable power supply, whatever the weather, so that vaccines remain safe and effective. This particular model is a combined vaccine refrigerator and ice pack freezer, which is ideal for health centres conducting outreach programmes.

Training is essential

The BANT2 installation teams are delivering in-person training at each health facility as a key part of the roll-out process. This is essential for the ongoing maintenance and operation of all cold chain equipment. At the outset, Dulas delivered training to the BANT2 technicians at our UK headquarters. We focused on how to facilitate end-user training, as well as best practice information on operating the equipment. Training and user manuals are provided in Portuguese, the main working language of Angola, and certificates are given to trained staff.

BANT2 staff training session Dulas HQ

The last mile


VC150SDD refrigerator and freezer

As of June 2024, refrigerators have been successfully installed, and training has been implemented in Bengo, Uige and Zaire. The BANT2 team is working hard to deliver to the remaining regions: Blé, Cuando Cubango, Cuanza Norte, Cuanza Sul, Cunene, Huambo, Huila, Lunda Sul, Malanje, Namibie and Luanda.

Some areas are challenging to reach, with little or no road infrastructure, and weather conditions can render roads impassable on occasion. However, the programme will continue to deliver and install the other refrigerators over the coming months.

Receiving delivery of solar panels for the SDD system

About our partner BANT2

Our in-country partner, BANT2, is a 100% Angolan-owned engineering consulting firm. They are led by a team of experienced engineers and supported by a team of project managers, civil engineers and technical specialists. They help to deliver infrastructure development projects across Angola and Mozambique.

Angola has made notable progress towards improving the health of its citizens, and we are pleased to see Dulas refrigerators playing a small part in extending access to primary health care across the country. Dulas vaccine refrigerators are used in remote communities throughout the world, making an enormous difference to the lives of the people living in those areas. WHO studies show that the benefits of access to healthcare are far-reaching, promoting economic growth and employment, particularly for women. We’re grateful to BANT2 for helping to implement this programme across the country.”

Catherine McLennan
Commercial Lead, Dulas Solar International

Catherine McLennan
Commercial Lead,
Dulas Solar International

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